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A Friend To Die For - 1994 Movie Quotes

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15499 Angela Delvecchio: I got a job in the Attendance Office, and guess who I'll be working with! Jill: From the way you sound, it must be someone important. Who is it? Nancy Reagan? Angela Delvecchio: Stacy Lockwood! Jill: Oh. Miss Queen Bee herself! What? Are you one of her drones? (full quote)
15499 Stacy Lockwood: Forget your broom? Monica: I don't need a broom to fly away from you, you bitch. (full quote)
15499 Oh, you! You! Get away from me! Get away from me! I know what you are! help! help! help! Someone, please! Please, help! help! (full quote)
15499 You wanna know what the problem is, Angela? You're the problem - you and everyone else. Here you are pretending you care, pretending you wanna help me, when all you ever care about is being popular. You and your hot-shot friends don't take jobs like this because you are great humanitarians. It's just another notch in your gun belt. (full quote)
15499 What would a wannabe like you know about it anyway, huh? Go on, go. Get away from me, run back and lick her boots. That's what your dying to do anyway, isn't it? (full quote)
15499 Face like a ghost, hair black as sin/the witch of Santa Mira scratches her chin/she cackles, she gloats, she summons her broom/and flies like a banshee right out of the room. (full quote)
15499 Bedtime story,girls! (full quote)
15499 We were just feeling out the texture of your prose. (full quote)
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