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Dead Man's Curve - 1998 Movie Quotes

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15499 All through senior year Rand dates the same girl. And a week before the prom she dumped him. So it's a week before the senior prom and she says to Rand 'We should go as friends'. But Rand agrees. It gets to prom night. They've got tuxedos, limo, great reservations. Then when 7:00 rolls around, no Rand. 8:00 no Rand. 10:00 no Rand. And I can see it, mom and dad have the camcorder out, the sister gets to stay up late to see the big sister go to her prom. 11:00 no Rand to be found. But he went to the prom. But he actually took a hooker. Not one of those high-priced ones either, I'm talkin' an 'I will suck your dick for a crock rock, ten buck, on the street corner WHORE. She's wearing this corsage ordered specially for Wendy. It was Wendy's favorite. But nothing is as priceless as the prom picture. YUGH. He sitting there toothless with this FAT FUCKING WHORE. Wendy was so mortified she actually missed the last two weeks of school. She had to go to summer school to graduate. He fucked that bitch UP. Rand definitely had a mean streak in him.NOT use quote marks(') in your quote (full quote)
15499 Rand:Don't worry, they'll dedicate a ward in the psych department to you, you sick fuck. Tim: This isn't going to work! You can't shoot me, you morons! It has to look like a suicide! Chris: [Feigns shock] Oh, fuck! He's right! (full quote)