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Larry The Cable Guy:Health Inspector - 2006 Movie Quotes

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15499 Larry: You're not gonna believe this, but there's a snow cone vendor out there not wearing a bra. Butlin: Is that a violation? Larry: No, but it makes me want to get a snow cone. (full quote)
15499 Larry: Hey, what's going on Donnie? Donnie: Hey, Larry. You wanna play? Larry: You know what? I can't. I'm late and I gotta get something to eat. My boss is a dickweed. Donnie: Dickweed. Dickweed. Dickweed! (full quote)
15499 Larry:Oh, good Lord! Oh, Jesus Christ and his sheperds! Jane Whitley: Larry? Are you okay in there? Larry: Oh, yeah! Everythin's alright! Larry: Oh, good Lord! Larry: Oh, God! You gotta be kiddin' me! (full quote)
15499 Larry: On one hand, Kid Rock wants to take me fishing. On the other, I have Jane, who's a real woman, who wants to get naked with me in a biblical way. (full quote)
15499 Jane Whitley: Nice Rod, Larry. Larry: [to himself] She said "Rod." (full quote)
15499 Damn it, I am a woman. I have breasts! They may not be especially large, but they're perky, and my nipples could cut glass! (full quote)
15499 You ever fart so hard your back cracks? (full quote)
15499 Good Lord Jesus and Dale Earnhardt Jr., I am a dadgum time bomb. (full quote)
15499 Hey, I'm gonna go to the bathroom. I gotta take the Browns to the Super Bowl. (full quote)
15499 after lunch today, he told me there was a brown snake playing peek-a-boo with his butthole. I aced Bio. I do not recall brown snakes. (full quote)
15499 That'll go down faster than a bottle of Vicodin at Courtney Love's house. (full quote)
15499 She was so ugly, she coulda trick or treated over the telephone. (full quote)
15499 They gave you a girly name to toughen you up! (full quote)