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National Treasure 2 - 2007 Movie Quotes

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kryssy_tina007 Oh look. My tax dollars at work, coming to arrest me. (full quote)
kryssy_tina007 1.) The fire alarm is going off. 2.) Uh-oh! God save the Queen! (full quote)
kryssy_tina007 1.) I just flew all the way to England to help you, and ... 2.) You're the one making a scene! 1.) I'm not making a scene! 3.) [Over mike] Wait, Ben. We want to make a scene! 2.) [Screaming] Well, fine! If that's how you want it, let's have it out right now! 3.) Ah, so subtle. (full quote)
10929 A man has only one lifetime. But history can remember you forever. (full quote)
10929 --My first felony. --Take it from the best. You're a natural. (full quote)
10929 what's on page 47? (full quote)
10929 --Small door on the front of the desk. --FDR had that put in so guests couldn't see his wheelchair. (full quote)