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Happening, The - 2008 Movie Quotes

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DJ74 Can you believe how crappy people are? (full quote)
DJ74 1.) Sir, we lost contact. 2.) With whom? 1.) Everyone. (full quote)
DJ74 To be a scientist, you must have a respectful awe for the laws of nature. (full quote)
DJ74 It makes you kill yourself. Just when you thought there couldn't be any more evil that can be invented. (full quote)
DJ74 You have got to stop calling me. You're acting like the Fatal Attraction guy here. I feel like I'm going to take a shower and see your silhouette on the shower curtain! (full quote)
DJ74 We're so much the same, Jess. I don't like to show my emotions either. (full quote)
DJ74 Don't take my daughter's hand unless you mean it. (full quote)
DJ74 1.) I think I know what's causing this. 2.) You do? 1.) It's the plants. They can release chemicals. (full quote)
DJ74 You know, hot dogs get a bad rep. They gotta cool shape, they got protein. (full quote)
DJ74 Cheese and crackers. (full quote)
DJ74 My firearm is my friend! It will not leave my side! (full quote)
DJ74 Why are you eyeing my lemon drink? (full quote)
DJ74 There are forces at work beyond our understanding. (full quote)
everyone jake: its an act of nature and we will never fully understand it. Elliot: He's right. science will come up with something to put in the books but in the end it will just be a theory. I mean we will fail to acknowledge that there are forces at work beyond our understanding (full quote)
cpesojpeso + If we're going to die, I want you to know something. I was in the pharmacy a while ago. There was a really good-looking pharmacist behind the counter. Really good-looking. I went up and asked her where the cough syrup was. I didn't even have a cough, and I almost bought it. I'm talking about a completely superfluous bottle of cough syrup, which costs like six bucks. = Are you joking? +[nods his head] = Thank you (full quote)