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Fool's Gold - 2007 Movie Quotes

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music_is_my_life1488 Tess: Look. You see how stupid they are? Gemma: Yeah... Tess: They can't help it! You can. The end. (full quote)
music_is_my_life1488 Cook #1: But it's more than just the sheer power of his raw sexuality. It's a totality of his emotional commitment to the task at hand. Cook #2: Yeah, it's the focus. It's the focus. Cook #1: He sees it. He wants it. He goes after it, he gets it! Cook #2: He sure got me. Tess: (listening in) Do you mind?! Cook #1: I'm sorry. Cook #2: We're sorry. (full quote)
music_is_my_life1488 Finn: Something wrong, Tess? Tess: Something wrong? Why would anything be wrong?! we just had sex in a church, and we're not even married...and now we're gonna dig up a grave. what is that, like a triple sin? I can't believe we haven't been struck by lightning. (trips over rock) Oh! (full quote)