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Mirror Mask - 2005 Movie Quotes

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babygoth90290 Valentine: I'm an important person you see. I have a tower, a wonderful tower it was, tall and grand. Helena: Are you? Valentine: Of course. Helena: Where is your tower then? Valentine: We aren't talking... We had an argument, you see. (full quote)
babygoth90290 Sphinx: Hungry. (full quote)
babygoth90290 Helena: If I tell you something weird... will you think I'm crazy? Valentine: Yes. I expect so. (full quote)
babygoth90290 Joanne: All those kids in there want to run away and join the circus. Helena: Great, they can have my life. I want to run away and join real life. (full quote)
babygoth90290 Helena: Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Valentine: Absolutely. If we put little wheels on the bottoms of our shoes, we could just roll around everywhere... (full quote)
babygoth90290 Monkeybirds: Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob... Monkeybird: Malcolm. Monkeybirds: Bob, Bob, Bob. (full quote)
babygoth90290 Valentine: You're hurt. Wait here. Helena: what about you? Valentine: Oh, I'm a panther. I shall slip unnoticed through the darkness... like a dark, unnoticeable slippy thing. (full quote)
babygoth90290 Valentine: Look. An Idiot. (full quote)
babygoth90290 Gryphon: [playing at riddles - if you've got it you can't share it, if you've shared it you haven't got it - with Valentine] what's the answer? Valentine: It's a secret. Gryphon: Yes I know that, but what's the answer? Valentine: It's a secret! [points in a diffrent direction] Valentine: Look! An idiot! Gryphon: Where? (full quote)
babygoth90290 Prime Minister: It's like trying to find a need... no, not a needle. Something smallER than a needle, in a haystack, when you don't even know if you're in the right field! (full quote)
babygoth90290 Helena: You pathetic creep! Valentine: Rocks and logs can bite like dogs, but words will never hurt me! (full quote)
babygoth90290 Helena: [during opening credits, playing with sock puppets] Ha! You may think I'm a hardhearted black sock, but underneath this dark woolly exterior is a naked pink foot. (full quote)
babygoth90290 nurse: Listen, I don't want you tiring her out. Helena: What do you think I'm going to do? Take her dancing? (full quote)
babygoth90290 Helena: You useless, cake-hogging coward! Valentine: I did not hog that cake! (full quote)
babygoth90290 White Queen: Never put off 'til tomorrow what you can do the day after. (full quote)
babygoth90290 Citizen: The charm. Prime Minister: No, that's actually a chicken. Citizen: The charm. Prime Minister: I understand this must be quite painful for you but really it is a chicken. Chicken: I keep trying to tell him, he just doesn't listen. (full quote)
babygoth90290 Valentine: Run. Faster. Don't let anything distract you. food. (full quote)
babygoth90290 Minister: Right, and you reckon that's the charm, hmm? Citizen: Yes. Minister: I'd have to say, to me, it looks rather like half a brick. Citizen: Not really. Well... a bit... Minister: is half a brick isn't it? Citizen: Ermmmmm... Minister: good try, thanks for coming. Next. (full quote)
babygoth90290 Valentine: What the hell have you got on your feet? Is that some kind of sick joke? Going around on little rabbit-like animals with every step? That's just... nasty. (full quote)
babygoth90290 Valentine: This place is ready to collapse into a heap of rubble. It can't be safe. Helena: You're such a coward. It's perfectly- WAAAAHH! [she falls through a hole in the floor] Valentine: [looking down the hole] Coward, eh? I prefer to think of myself as... Prudent. Cautious. And unlike some people I could mention, STILL UP HERE! (full quote)
babygoth90290 Mrs. Bagwell: I remember I said to him: "Mr Bagwell, how can a mask know what you need?" And he said: "Cynthia, remember I don't know what I'm talking about." (full quote)
babygoth90290 Anti-Helena: Of course, if I use the Mirrormask it may upset things a bit. But you can't run away from home without destroying somone's world. (full quote)
babygoth90290 Valentine: What did you say your name was? Helena: Helena. Valentine: Helena. Helen. Helen-nun-nuh... it's a bit drab, isn't it? You know, you should think about changing that. Go for something with a bit of dignity and style, mixed with a bit of romance. Something like... 'Valentine'. Helena: Why? What's your name? Valentine: Valentine. (full quote)