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Vantage Point - 2008 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
10929 Eight Strangers. Eight Points of View. One Truth. (full quote)
10929 This war will never end. (full quote)
10929 Sir, we've used doubles since Reagan. (full quote)
10929 Eagle has arrived at the plaza. (full quote)
Bobby The President of the United States has been shot. (full quote)
Bobby He doesn't even look like me. (full quote)
Bobby 1)Sir, we have to act strong. 2) No, we have to BE strong. (full quote)
Bobby Who's the clown on Two? Camera Two, are you gonna move or what? We're here for the summit, not the sideshow! I swear it's like training a freakin' dog! (full quote)
Bobby 1)what are the chances he freaks out in the middle of a walk? 2) I'd put it at 50/50 (full quote)
Bobby Surprised to still see me alive? (full quote)
Bobby You can't give the order. You've been shot! (full quote)
Bobby Reports out of Salamanca now suggest that the President is out of intensive care. His condition is listed as stable. President Ashton has made a point of reassuring Americans that he's all right and the summit will continue in the days to come. Meanwhile, word from Spanish and United States authorities is that they've shot and killed the lone assassin responsible for today's attack. Our own Joan Kendrick has more. (full quote)