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skruffypuppy I don't think you fully comprehend what I'm doing here. I have a deep appreciation for beauty. True beauty isn't about anorexic women who would crack their pelvises if they were to try to give birth to a baby. Fashion, culture, and Madison Avenue have you certain true beauty is about models who are skinny and androgynous women with small breasts. They're more like boys. They have no curves, no hips, small bony butts, and no body hair. Fashion has reduced they're physical femininity to something defined by clothes and hair, rather than the body itself. The women I nurture are free of the artificial pursuit of vanity. They no longer have to go under the surgeon's knife and have their breasts reduced or their belly’s tucked. I liberate them. I endorse their desire for gratification and I allow them to be beautiful. The truth is that men like their women big and soft not constipated with halitosis from malnourishment. (full quote)
skruffypuppy Nourishing a women, honoring her, caring for her, excepting her the way she is; that is what it means to love a women. Don't you see? It's about respecting my Queen and putting her needs before anything else. The price if offset by the perfection. They eat to please (full quote)
skruffypuppy Consumption is evolution. Something’s always eating something else. And the best eaters are the ones at the top of the food chain. They're the ones that are most highly evolved. (full quote)