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Smokin' Aces - 2007 Movie Quotes

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hammerhead300 1): I'm going down. 2) I'll bet you are. (full quote)
hammerhead300 1 (holding stained coat): Will you tell me what that is? 2): About what? 1): Look at the collar on that coat... what's that look like, that stain? 2) I dunno... cinnamon roll? 1 (mockingly): Cinnamon roll? The cinnamon, the roll of the cinnamon. That looks like... jizz. Yeah. Eastern European jizz. That looks like somebody shot his load on a $12,000 calfskin jacket. The twist? It's MY $12,000 calfskin jacket! (full quote)
hammerhead300 Bones it, and you padlock it, and then you put the chain on it. That's a new one that I'm working on. (full quote)
hammerhead300 Pasquale Acosta. Blood-money mercenary. His countrymen have dubbed him the more dubious "El Estrago" - "The Plague". American educated. Fluent in over a dozen languages. Freelanced for the CIA. Noted for his legendary torture techniques. When he was caught by the SAS in northern Ireland, in prison he chewed off his fingertips to the bones, so he couldn't be printed or ID'd by Interpol. (full quote)
hammerhead300 1) : You shot me, and you murdered my friends, and you dumped us in the lake. 2): Pretty much. (full quote)
hammerhead300 1): Dammit! I didn't realize how fucked up I was 'till I just saw your ass, girl. You went from Beyonce to Bigfoot in less than 6 fucking hours! 2): Fuck you, pussy! 3): Hey, we did that dance, bitch! (full quote)
hammerhead300 1): These flowers are wilted. call the florist. 2): I need you to chill. 1): I need you to call the florist. (full quote)
hammerhead300 The ho train has left the station. (full quote)
hammerhead300 My name is Vitolli, how can I be of assistance? (full quote)
hammerhead300 Alright enough grab assin' goddamn it. Get them suits and the car, pitch those three poor fellows in the lake, and y'all find me over at the hotel. (full quote)
hammerhead300 If this Israel really is the great white whale of snitches then why are we messing with the mob who are, correct me if I'm wrong, but I think they're gonna pour boxes of bullets into his ass. What incentive is there to track him on something as small-time as a fucking skiptrace? (full quote)
hammerhead300 How about the Tremor brothers? Three of them. Same skank mom, different deadbeat dads. They're used for that suicide style, kamikaze shit. You heard about that dinner club in Cleveland, right? Well the Tremor brothers go rip-shit riot on the whole fucking place. Seven dead, twenty-eight wounded. All to get this one fucking guy. Of course in the melee one of them gets shot in the neck, passes out, the other gets blowback from a jammed piece, is temporarily blinded, the last takes a bullet in the back, can't walk. These are speed freak, neo nazi assholes who read and recite Mein Kampf like it was mother goose, they're meaner than shit, they're dumber than hell, and these motherfuckers will go megaton at the drop of a hat. (full quote)
hammerhead300 1 (dead, his mouth is being manipulated by #2 to make it appear as if he is talking): I forgive you, Darwin. 2): Shoot, I appreciate that, man. 1): If me and my brothers were in trouble with the law and we needed your car, we would've done the same to you. 2): You really mean that? 1): Oh hell yeah. We was just at the wrong place at the wrong time, so don't feel so bad, chief. You know, up here in Heaven it's beautiful. I'm gonna see you up here someday. 2): You think so? 1:) I know so. (full quote)
hammerhead300 Close your eyes, close your eyes. Don't make this face the last thing you'll ever see, because... (in Spanish) Heaven may hold it against you. (full quote)
hammerhead300 A million-dollar hit could draw some huge flies, and Acosta is pure mercenary. He is known for taking on serious contracts and he certainly is not alone. (full quote)
hammerhead300 You must understand that if an attempt is made on his life, it will be made by those of the strictest professional caliber. And they are immoral, ruthless, and without restraint. And they must not succeed. (full quote)
hammerhead300 No, I'm gonna go to Kentucky and take Fort Knox with a sling shot, then I'm gonna go into hell after Hitler. (full quote)
10929 Is he the Rosetta Stone? (full quote)