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Hellboy II - 2008 Movie Quotes

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Ciara0688 (1) You're in love. Have a beer. (2) Oh, my body's a temple. (1) Now it's an amusement park. (full quote)
Ciara0688 (1) Nice baby. (2) I'm not a baby. I'm a tumor. (full quote)
Ciara0688 We die and the world will be poorer for it. (full quote)
Ciara0688 (1) To wage his war, my brother needs this. The final piece of the crown of BethMora and this map to the location of the Golden Army chamber. (2) The Golden Army. The harbingers of death, the unstoppable tide... (3) [under his breath] Howdy Doody. (full quote)
Skulduggery "It's not a toliet seat, it's a breathing aperatus!" "I think we may need to get rid of the garbage truck. Sends out the wrong messege." (full quote)