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The Nutcracker Prince - 1990 Movie Quotes

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FutureHunter94 The spell you broke, on your head falls, you shall crack nuts, prince of the dolls. (full quote)
FutureHunter94 1) Your slipper, i believe. 2) Uh, thank you. 3) Thank you nothing! look! look at this! 4) But-but i didn't mean to set fire, do you? you were going to hurt nutcracker. 5) Hurt him? hurt him? (chuckles) i was gonna turn him into a soot of ashes. 6) Why you're... you're cruel and mean. 7) Your flattery won't stop me. your nutcracker will be nothing more but a pile of sawdust. uh, a bag of toothpicks by the time i'm through with him. 8) Eh, wait. please don't hurt him. my um... uh, here. (shows her chocolates) take my chocolates. (mouseking looks at chocolates ready to eat them but gives clara a look) they're yummy. (full quote)
FutureHunter94 1)(jumps into drawer and grabs chocolates) Huh? (clara closes the drawer on mouseking with his tail stuck) ahhhhhhhhh! My tail! why you-you witch! you'll pay for this! when this is all over, remind me to kill that girl! 2)(runs to the living room) Oh, nutcracker. (puts pavola down) you're in danger. i've got to hide you. (runs to door but it closes itself. she tries to open it, but fails. then, she looks down and gasps) 3) Give me the nutcracker! now! 4) No! you can't have him! 5) Give him to me! i want the nutcracker! 6) No! you can't have him! never! 7) No? no!? (he turns around and sees clara's cat pavola playing with a yarn) mouseking chuckles evily and glares at clara) then i'll have your sweet, little kitten. (chuckles evily as he walks towards her cat) 8) No, stop! (full quote)