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A Summer Place - 1960 Movie Quotes

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rmdoka So you insist on de-sexing her. As though sex was synonymous with dirt. (full quote)
rmdoka I have never been able to. All through these years when I dreamed to have you wrapped up in them. I tried forgetting them. I even tried to imagine that you had gone fat and ugly and saggy. (full quote)
rmdoka Well, his bedroom was right across from mine and... one night I felt naughty and went right on undressing so he could see. Then all of a sudden I... I got terribly ashamed and I ran and pulled the curtains down. I'll never forget... I had hot and cold flashes all over me afterwards. Wasn't that awful? (full quote)
rmdoka Oh, please. I want my father. I want my father. Oh, please, no. Oh, please, no. I want my father. Oh, please. I want my father. I haven't done anything wrong. I've been a good girl. I haven't done anything wrong. Please I want my father. No! No! No! I've been a good girl! No.! No! (full quote)
rmdoka This'll be painful for you, but you might as well face the truth... the RAW truth. Take... take a good look at your parents, hmm? We've got no more secrets to hide. All the cats are out of the bag: all the scrawling, mangy, obscene, horrible cats of your inheritance. You're the son of a drunkard... and a harlot. (full quote)
rmdoka So, now you hate the Swedes. How many outlets for your hate do you have, Helen? We haven't been able to find a new house because of your multiplicity of them. We can't buy near a school because you hate kids. They make noise. And there can't be any Jews or Catholics on the block, either. And, oh, yes, it can't be anywhere near the Polish or Italian sections. And, of course, Negroes have to be avoided at all costs. Now, let's see: No Jews, no Catholics, no Italians, no Poles, no children. No Negroes. Do I have the list right, so far? And now, you've added Swedes. And, oh, yes, you won't use a Chinese laundry because you distrust Orientals. And you think the British are snobbish, the Russians fearful, the French immoral, the Germans brutal, and all Latin Americans lazy. What's your plan? To cut humanity out? Are you anti-people and anti-life? Must you suffocate every natural instinct in our daughter, too? Must you label young love-making as cheap and wanton and indecent? Must you persist in making sex, itself, a filthy word? (full quote)
rmdoka Well, your daughter didn't waste any time. She's let that boy kiss and maul her her very first night here. (full quote)