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The Hurt Locker - 2008 Movie Quotes

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rmdoka Another two inches, shrapnel zings by; slices my throat- I bleed out like a pig in the sand. Nobody'll give a shit. I mean my parents- they care- but they don't count, man. Who else? I don't even have a son. (full quote)
rmdoka We have a flat tire, can you help us? (full quote)
rmdoka The rush of battle is often a potent and lethal addiction, for war is a drug. (full quote)
rmdoka That's a good one. That's spoken like a wild man. That's good. (full quote)
rmdoka Aren't you glad the Army has all these tanks parked here? Just in case the Russians come and we have to have a big tank battle? (full quote)
rmdoka Yeah, but they don't do anything. I mean, anyone comes alongside a Humvee, we're dead. Anybody even looks at you funny, we're dead. Pretty much the bottom line is, if you're in Iraq, you're dead. How's a fucking tank supposed to stop that? (full quote)
rmdoka You love playing with that. You love playing with all your stuffed animals. You love your Mommy, your Daddy. You love your pajamas. You love everything, don't ya? Yea. But you know what, buddy? As you get older... some of the things you love might not seem so special anymore. Like your Jack-in-a-Box. Maybe you'll realize it's just a piece of tin and a stuffed animal. And then you forget the few things you really love. And by the time you get to my age, maybe it's only one or two things. With me, I think it's one. (full quote)
rmdoka Have to be a change in technique and protocol, be sure this type of accident never happens again, you know?... You'd have to write the report. (full quote)
rmdoka How about I pretend it's your dick? (full quote)
rmdoka Well, you're gonna have plenty of time for that, amigo. (full quote)
rmdoka There's enough bang in there to blow us all to Jesus. If I'm gonna die, I want to die comfortable. (full quote)