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Observe and Report - 2009 Movie Quotes

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bigcat58 1) Touch Daddy's dick! 2) AAAHHHH!!!! (full quote)
bigcat58 1) Race has nothing to do with this. You fit the profile. 2) Oh, just like I fit the profile for the pervert? 1) How do I know you're not the pervert? 2) My dick is brown you dumb motherfucker!! (full quote)
bigcat58 Last week he comes here and tells me that he's discovered my plot to blow up the Chick-Fil-A. Why the fuck would I blow up the Chick-Fil-A?!?! It's fucking delicious! (full quote)
bigcat58 1) Hey, Brandi, I'm gonna lay out a scenario for you: You, me, free dinner, you fill in the rest... with the answer yes. 2) There's my car. Heh. (full quote)
bigcat58 1) Listen, okay, I've told you if you're gonna sit up here - you gotta keep this counter clean. 2) I know. I can't reach that far. 1) (mocking) Oh, I can't reach that far 'cause of my thing. If only I had a stick or something that would extend my reach ... like the eight stick-like objects that are behind this counter. Think outside the box! 2) I'm so sorry, Roger. I'm gonna do better. I'm sorry. 1) Oh, two sorrys. Oh, I thought those would clean the counter, but they don't... 'cause, I guess I'm fuckin' dumb. (full quote)
bigcat58 Technically I'm a born again virgin. I mean, we've all been to beach week, right? (full quote)
bigcat58 1) You know, I remember when your father picked me up for our first date. I swear, he was the most handsome man I'd ever laid eyes on. I knew right then and there that I would fuck him that night and end up marrying him. 2) I sure hope that happens to me tonight. (full quote)
bigcat58 I'm not gonna lie to you, Ronnie. There's nothin' good about this at all. (full quote)
bigcat58 1) I know it's hard. Try and look on the bright side. You may not be the smartest person in the world, but you're... handsome from... certain angles and you're - wuh... uh... more importantly, you got dreams inside of you and dreams make you special and... um, it doesn't matter what the world, um, throws at you, you- uh, they, they can never take your dreams away. 2) What are you talking about, Mom? 1) I don't know. I'm drunk. (full quote)