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Caffeine - 2006 Movie Quotes

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Lauren 1. God knows I've got some pretty warped ideas myself. 2. what's warped about being a vegetarian? 1. Nothing I'm just saying. 2. That its warped not wanting some animals to suffer for no good reason? 1. ooh, no need to get all militant. 2. I'm not being militant, I'm just statin' an opinion. 1. and there's nothing wrong with a woman having her own opinions. 2. What does that mean? 1. Just what I said there's nothing wrong with it. 2. Of course there's nothing wrong with it. 1. Exactly! (full quote)
Lauren 1. Well, I think if they're going to give us coffe they really ought to give us cake. I mean who has coffe without cake? 2. I don't know! skinny people! (full quote)