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Dead Like Me Life After Death - 2009 Movie Quotes

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Bobby Mason: Goody! That means we get to play, you know, "High Risk Factor"! Okay, ready? Roxy Harvey: [Girl runs by] Running with scissors... Mason: [Points to barber babbling very quickly with customer] Barber on drugs, razor at throat... Roxy Harvey: [Sees vain lady babbling] Then there's her... Mason: What's high risk about her? Roxy Harvey: Nothing. I just want her dead. Daisy Adair: [Frustrated] Baenziger! Roxy Harvey: Oh good! Now we get to play "Last Minute Panic"! (full quote)
Bobby George Lass: [Upon meeting their new boss] Not to be all 'What the fuck?' about this but... Roxy Harvey: What the fuck? (full quote)
Bobby Daisy Adair: Where the hell is Rube? I need my coffee. Roxy Harvey: People, this is hallowed ground. Show some respect. Mason: I'm showing respect. Auf Wiedersehen, der Waffle Haus. Daisy Adair: [Puts hand on chest] Fond farewell to a shitty, little restaurant. Mason: Which didn't extend me any more credit, [Holds middle finger up] Mason: so fuck you! (full quote)