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Proposal, The - 2010 Movie Quotes

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nygaardh792 Hand off ass, off ass! (full quote)
nygaardh792 A: Now, ask me nicely. M: Ask you nicely what? A: Ask me nicely to marry you, Margaret...that's right, on your knee. (full quote)
nygaardh792 M: What am I allergic to? A: Pine nuts and a full spectrum of human emotion. (full quote)
nygaardh792 Grandma Annie: (holding blanket) If you get chilly tonight, use this. It has special powers. Margaret: Oh.What kind of special powers? Grandma Annie: I call it the baby maker Margaret: Oh...better be super careful with this one. (full quote)
nygaardh792 Andrew: I know. I know. Tell Gammie I'm sorry. What do you want me to tell you, she's making me work late again. I've worked to hard for this and I'm sure that dad is pissed. (sees Margaret coming) but we take all our submissions very seriously and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Margaret: Was that your family? Andrew: Yes Margaret: They tell you to quit? Andrew: Every day. (full quote)
nygaardh792 Andrew: Margaret, will you marry me? Because I'd like to date you (full quote)
nygaardh792 Andrew: You can do this, but that would require you to stop snacking on children while they dream. (full quote)
nygaardh792 Andrew: Woah! Barely made it out with my life. Did you see the teeth on that thing? (full quote)
nygaardh792 Margaret: If you touch my ass one more time, I'm gonna cut your balls off in your sleep. (full quote)