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Wreck It Ralph - 2012 Movie Quotes

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rmdoka Why do I fix everything I touch! (full quote)
rmdoka If you leave your game, you'll need to remember this; if you die outside your own game, you won't be able to regenerate. Ever! Game over. (full quote)
rmdoka That is rude, and this conversation is officially over. (full quote)
rmdoka Turbo? No, I'm not going turbo! Come on guys! Is it turbo to want a friend or a medal or a piece of pie every once in a while? Is it turbo to want more out of life? (full quote)
Marvin Acme #1- What's the first rule of Heroes Duty?! #2- No cuts no buts no coconuts? (full quote)
Marvin Acme #1- Who are you, the guy that makes the doughnuts? #2- No I'm King Candy. #1- I see you're a fan of pink. #2- That's salmon, that's obviously salmon. (full quote)