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Pirates of Silicon Valley - 1999 Movie Quotes

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rmdoka Get real, would ya? You and I are both like guys who had this rich neighbor - Xerox - who left the door open all the time. And you go sneakin' in to steal a TV set. Only when you get there, you realize that I got there first. I got the loot, Steve! And you're yellin'? "That's not fair. I wanted to try to steal it first." You're too late. (full quote)
rmdoka Because I don't want the baby named Rainbow! Or Orisha, or Ravi Shankar, or any other name like that. (full quote)
rmdoka This is amazing. Not just amazing, it's historic. It should be taught in all the history books. Hung and framed in the National Gallery or something, because this is the instant of creation of one of the greatest fortunes in the history of the world. I mean, Bill Gates is the richest guy in the world because of what started in this room. And you wanna know what else? It wasn't exactly smoke and mirrors, but we didn't have anything! I mean, not a damn thing! Here we were, this two-bit little outfit, telling IBM we had the answer to their problems. The DOS? The Disk Operating System? To make all those zillion IBM computers compute? We didn't remotely own anything like what Bill was selling them. Nada. Zip. (full quote)
rmdoka Now, we know that IBM has set up this place to complete head-on with Apple, and that you're gearing up to come out with a personal computer that will wipe them out. So we can get you an operating system. (full quote)
rmdoka I don't want you to think of this as just a film - some process of converting electrons and magnetic impulses into shapes and figures and sounds - no. Listen to me. We're here to make a dent in the universe. Otherwise, why even be here? We're creating a completely new consciousness, like an artist or a poet. We're rewriting the history of human thought with what we're doing. That's how you have to think of this. (full quote)
rmdoka Steve, I'm worried. About what's happening. All the "them versus us" stuff. Macintosh versus Apple II. (full quote)
rmdoka Steve, all cars have steering wheels, but no one tries to claim that the steering wheel was their invention. (full quote)
rmdoka All right, then I'll be zero. Woz, you can be number one. I'll be zero. Okay? (full quote)