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Zero Dark Thirty - 2012 Movie Quotes

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rmdoka Quite frankly, I didn't even want to use you guys, with your dip and velcro and all your gear bullshit. I wanted to drop a bomb. But people didn't believe in this lead enough to drop a bomb. So they're using you guys as canaries. And, in theory, if bin Laden isn't there, you can sneak away and no one will be the wiser. But bin Laden is there. And you're going to kill him for me. (full quote)
rmdoka Can I be honest with you? ...I'm bad fucking news... I'm not your friend. I'm not going to help you. I'm going to break you... any questions? (full quote)
rmdoka There are two narratives about the location of Osama bin Laden. The one that you're most familiar with is that UBL is hiding in a cave in the tribal areas, that he's surrounded by a large contingent of loyal fighters. But that narrative is pre-9/11 understanding of UBL. The second narrative, that he's living in a city, living in a city with multiple points of egress and entry, access to communications, so that he can keep in touch with the organization.You can't run a global network of interconnected cells from a cave. (full quote)
rmdoka I'm not your friend. I'm not gonna help you. I'm going to break you. Any questions? (full quote)
rmdoka I'm going to put you in that box, let me be honest, that box sucks, you don't want to go in that box. (full quote)
rmdoka For God and country. Geronimo. (full quote)
rmdoka This is what defeat looks like, bro. Your jihad is over. 2013 Oscar Nominee (full quote)
rmdoka Where was the last time you've seen bin Laden? (full quote)
10929 He'd be the first successful drug dealer never to have dealt drugs. (full quote)
10929 The President is a thoughtful, analytical guy. (full quote)
10929 I remember Iraq WMDs very clearly. (full quote)
10929 Geromino. (full quote)