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The Internship - 2013 Movie Quotes

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rmdoka The Chronoshock 13 (full quote)
rmdoka You closed the company? Everything's computerized now! You have a deep mistrust in machines. (full quote)
rmdoka Have you seen Terminator? Yep. Or 2, or 3, or 4! (full quote)
rmdoka You got us a job at Google? Not a job, but an interview for an internship that could lead to a job. (full quote)
rmdoka Welcome to Google! This will not be your average internship. (full quote)
rmdoka That's a sharpie by the way genius. That's my fault. (full quote)
rmdoka Come on bro, fist me get up in there. That's just not right. (full quote)
rmdoka You're interns? Yep. Deal with it. You're so old though! I thought you were... important. (full quote)
rmdoka Sometimes the long shots pay off the biggest! (full quote)
rmdoka Flashdance? You're talking about the movie from the 80's? You're damn right I am! (full quote)
rmdoka We have rules! Red paddle indicates no. Green paddle indicates yes. having a beer with your boss? If you want to grab a cold one with me, let me know. I will not be grabbing a cold one, with you. Do you get high? (full quote)