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The Last House On The Left - 2009 Movie Quotes

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rmdoka Well it's kind of embarrassing, actually. My dad used to take Francis and me to this lake every summer; do some fishing, go camping. Now that he's gone, those memories are all I really have left of him. Basically I'm just trying to do the same thing for Justin here. (full quote)
rmdoka What are the odds, man? Of course your little girl had a lot to do with it. You should be proud. How'd you make us, anyway? Did my fucking kid rat us out? That's it, isn't it? My fucking kid! Figured out who you were and blabbered his brains. Hey, by the way, y'all did a bang up job on my brother. He is really fucking dead down there! (full quote)
rmdoka [first lines] Morton: [telling joke to Giles] So the next week, he's even hornier. And this time, he's got twenty bucks instead of ten. He goes back to the whorehouse, he slaps down the twenty, and tells the madam he needs to get off, but he ain't going to screw no goddamn chicken this time. She says it still ain't much, but she can help. She tells him to go to the room at the top of the stairs. This time there's just a bunch of guys jerking off, but one of the jerk off guys assures him "oh hey, it's cool, it's cool" and he waves him over to this whole toilet they're all looking through... (full quote)