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Captain Phillips - 2013 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
10929 There's got to be something other than being a fisherman or kidnapping people. (full quote)
10929 We all got bosses. (full quote)
rmdoka Execute! (full quote)
rmdoka Captain Richard Phillips: You know, both our kids are doing great, but it worries me when Danny doesn't take school seriously. I hate him missing class, when he comes out it might hurt him when he's out looking for a job, you know? The competition out there. When I was starting out you could make it if you put your head down and you just did your work. But young guys coming up now, companies want things fast and cheaper. Fifty guys compete for every job. Everything's different, big wheels are turning. You gotta be strong to survive that thing. (full quote)
rmdoka I'm the captain now! (full quote)
rmdoka Listen up, we have been boarded by armed pirates. If they find you, remember, you know this ship, they don't. Stick together and we'll be all right. Good luck. (full quote)
rmdoka Maersk Alabama, you should alert your crew, get your fire hoses ready. Chances are they're just fishermen. They're not here to fish. (full quote)