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Rio - 2011 Movie Quotes

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rmdoka But I thought you loved carnival. (full quote)
rmdoka Get it-get it-get it-get it-get it-get it girl! Get-ge-get-ge-get it girl! Take her, take her to the flow! Show her, show her how you roll! Drop it! Drop it! Drop it low! Drop it, d-drop it low! (full quote)
rmdoka Pedro, Pedro, a little too aggressive. Not hatin' on your creativity, but I think I got this one. Follow my lead. (full quote)
rmdoka Throw all the snow balls you want. I'm protected by this magical forcefield, called glass! It's what keeps us so toasty and warm in here while you guys out there are freezing your... (full quote)
rmdoka Um. Look, I know you're doing your job, but I can't... well, Blu is very particular. And we have our little routine here. And we're not big on travel. Heck, he doesn't even fly! (full quote)
rmdoka I can do this. I just have to work out the physics. I have quadrated my vector angles. I have adjusted for wind shear. Positive reinforcement. Good. Okay. Let's see. Flaps open. (full quote)
rmdoka Well, that human has given me love and affection for the past fifteen years, whereas my own kind tries to strangle me after fifteen seconds. (full quote)
rmdoka Okay. Okay. There's no place like home, there's no place like home! Oh, how I wish I was back in my own cage, with my mirror and my swing and my little bell! Oh, how I miss my bell. (full quote)
rmdoka I was striking, suave, ambitious. Feet to beak. So bodylicious. Now I am wild. I am villainous and vicious. Oh! And malicious. I had it all. A TV show. Women too! I was tall, over one foot two! And then they got a pretty parakeet to fill my shoes. That's why I'm so evil why I do what I do! (full quote)
rmdoka I'm unminceable. I'm unwashable, Unrinsable. Like an abandoned school I have no principal! All of you Brazilian birds, all 18 million birds, I'll tell you what I'm going to do. I'm going to make you... (full quote)
rmdoka Wasn't really thinking, wasn't looking , wasn't searching for an answer/ In the moonlight/ When I saw your face/ Saw you looking at me, saw you peeking out from under moon beams/ Through the palm trees/ Swaying in the breeze/ I know I'm feeling so much more than ever before/ And so I'm giving more to you than I thought I could do/ Don't know how it happened, don't know why but you don't really need a reason/ When the stars shine/ Just to fall in love/ Made to love each other, made to be together for a life time/ In the sunshine/ Flying in the sky/ I know I'm feeling so much more than ever before And so I'm giving more to you/ Than I thought I could do/ Oh Yeah... / Now I know love is real/ So it's sky high, as the angels try/ Letting you and I/ Fly love (full quote)