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Dumb And Dumber To - 2014 Movie Quotes

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rmdoka Come on Lloyd, you gotta get over her. Mary Samsonite was just a girl (full quote)
rmdoka You mean you've been faking for 20 years and it was all for a gag? (full quote)
rmdoka Why don't you roll me inside, we can get the nurse to take the catheter out of me. (full quote)
rmdoka We don't need nurses for that! (full quote)
rmdoka Oh, that's Butt Hole. Why did you name him Butt Hole? Because of this! (full quote)
rmdoka I'm pregnant, please call me. What do you think it means Larry? (full quote)
rmdoka Look at the postmark. 1991 (full quote)
rmdoka I had a daughter, I gave her up for adoption (full quote)
rmdoka You're hot for my daughter? Am I right? (full quote)
rmdoka I know she'll appreciate all the trouble you've gone through to find her. Let's call her. (full quote)
rmdoka Did you hide them inside this turkey? (full quote)
rmdoka There's no diamonds in here! And you're not my grandson! (full quote)
rmdoka You can cross that one off your bucket list! (full quote)
rmdoka They're just above the giblets! (full quote)
rmdoka She's got me, she's really clamping down! (full quote)
rmdoka There he is again. Over 2 decades and he still comes. (full quote)
rmdoka Check out the hotties at 3:00! That's 3 hours away, why can't I see now? (full quote)
rmdoka Wait! Where did you get that? The slurpee machine in the back. That's embalming fluid. (full quote)
rmdoka Who's the astronaut? Oh, that's my roommate. (full quote)
rmdoka You guys wanna play he who smelt it? What's that? It's complicated so pay attention. We put the windows up, first one who smells the fart gets a point. If you say who dealt it, double points! (full quote)
rmdoka Ok fine. Lloyd and I will play one on one. Ya! How can you play one on one? If you smell a fart and you didn't do it, isn't it obvious the other guy did? I thought you said you never played before? (full quote)