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Fifty Shades Of Grey - 2015 Movie Quotes

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rmdoka So this is just an interview for the newspaper? (full quote)
rmdoka Mr. Grey will see you now (full quote)
rmdoka He was polite, intense, smart. Really intimidating. (full quote)
rmdoka Do you have any interests outside of work? What about you? I'd like to know more about you. There's really not much to know about me. (full quote)
rmdoka So what do you owe your success? I exercise control in all things Ms. Steele. That must be very boring. (full quote)
rmdoka I had a rough start in life. you should steer clear of me (full quote)
rmdoka I don't do romance. (full quote)
rmdoka Enlighten me then... (full quote)
rmdoka Every time you move tomorrow, I want you to be reminded that I've been here. Only me. You are mine (full quote)
rmdoka Forget about the rules. Forget about those details for tonight. I want you. I've wanted you since you fell into my office, and I know you want me. (full quote)