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The Interview - 2014 Movie Quotes

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rmdoka This is the secretary of information for North Korea (full quote)
rmdoka We will meet 50 kilometers west of Dang Dong, northeast of China. (full quote)
rmdoka You two are going to be in a room alone with Kim and the CIA would love it if you could take him out (full quote)
rmdoka You want us to kill the leader of North Korea? (full quote)
rmdoka I particularly liked the Mile Cyrus camel toe episode (full quote)
rmdoka Gentlemen, you are entering unto the most dangerous country on earth (full quote)
rmdoka Please remember that Kim Jong Un is a master manipulator (full quote)
rmdoka Nice tank! Is that real? It was a gift to my grandfather from Stalin (full quote)
rmdoka In my country, its pronounced Stallone (full quote)
rmdoka I spent alot of time with Kim and I think he's not a bad guy! (full quote)
rmdoka You are not pulling out! (full quote)