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Stephen King's Storm of the Century - 1999 Movie Quotes

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  country don't mean dumb. (full quote)
  Born in lust, turn to dust. Born in sin, come on in. (full quote)
16093 Born in lust, turn to dust. Born in sin, COME ON IN! (full quote)
16093 Give me what I want, AND I'LL GO AWAY! (full quote)
  Kat, killed him, he's dead! (Kat, huddled in a corner by the dead body) I'm a little tea pot short and sout here is my handle here is my spout, I killed him, I killed him, and then I covered him up. (man) why Kat why? (kat) a cane with a silver wolves head (Man) she's in shock (full quote)
  Tell these folks where you were and what you were doing when I died. (full quote)
  The good's an illution, little fables people tell themsevles to go through their days without screaming too much. (full quote)
  Oh Dear... Oh DEAR DEAR! (full quote)
  Go on Mike, go on. We'll be fine and tell that son of yours that his friend from the market says hi. (full quote)
  Look at the neat doggy! How cool!? (full quote)
  :::wispering::: Come here little fairy saddle boy, don't be scared. I won't hurt you. (full quote)
  Unless you want to see Mrs. Stanhope's impression of the world's biggest birthday candle, I advise you not to speak until you're invited to. Hatch, close the door. (full quote)
  ... and all I wanted was a kiss. (full quote)
  We'll see... (full quote)
  ... see what? (full quote)
  ... See if I'm through with this town, or only beinging. (full quote)
  get yer ass ova here (full quote)
  give me what you want and Ill go away (full quote)
  im a little teapot short and stote here is my handle here is my spout. when i get all steamd up, hear me shout tip me over and pour me out! (full quote)
  I thought I've learned that twenty years ago, in the events the locals called The storm of the century, but I was wrong (full quote)
  Why did I have to die among strangers Robby? (full quote)
  No! We will not give you one of our children! (full quote)
  Glad the old witch is dead? Did you a favour there, didn't I? (full quote)
  She is right, you are a coward! (full quote)
  You tricked us! You tricked yourselves. (full quote)
  We both know this man is never gonna see the inside of a court room, maybe you should make him have an accident. (full quote)
  I cannot take but I can punish, I assure you I can punish. (full quote)
  We have to give him what he wants...and he will go away...but if we dont... (full quote)
  I don't think he is human. Neither do I... (full quote)
  Our name is legion...for we are many. (full quote)
  My son is not going to be a part of this... (full quote)
  My son is not going to be a part of this... (full quote)
  I think it will haunt me nomatter what I do. (full quote)
10929 See what? (full quote)