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Joan of Arc - 1999 Movie Quotes

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8487 You are asking for eternal damnition!!!!! (full quote)
  SEND ME MEN IN SUCH numberS AS MAY SEEM GOOD (full quote)
  Joan: Come out, That I might send you to hell! (full quote)
  Joan: Why are you punishing me for talking to God? (full quote)
  Bishop Couchon: Poor, deluded Joan. She has no idea the monster she has put on the throne. These are my last words to you as your spiritul advisor, Your majesty. (full quote)
  anything (full quote)
29579 Why are you punishing me for talking to God? (full quote)
  The crown is on the king’s head but the jewels are on the tip of his tongue frm dui (full quote)
  what would u call a baker that takes out bread while its still in the oven. not a baker.... From Dan aka JiN =] (full quote)
s1811 This morning, God gave us a great victory. But it is nothing compared to what he is ready to give us now. I know that you are all tired and hungry. But i swear to you, that even if these english were hanging from the clouds by their fingertips. We would pull them down before nightfall. Now, let all those who love me...follow me. FOLLOW ME! (full quote)
s1811 Ah pleasure, thats a difficult word to describe. When does the pain end and the pleasure begin, when did your pleasure begin with that..sword in your hand. (full quote)
s1811 You didn't see what was Joan, you saw what you wanted to see. (full quote)
s1811 personally I dont believe in God. I dont believe in the Devil either. Thats why I'm never disappointed. (full quote)
s1811 voice: Is god the one who spread all that blood and misery? Joan: But he could have stopped it. what did he get plesure..PLEASURE..pleasure from watching us killing eachother in his name. voice: In his name? Joan: Yes in his name. WE FOUGHT AND KILLED IN HIS NAME! THE KING OF HEAVEN! *flashback* Joan: Let all those who love me, FOLLOW ME! *end flashback* voice: Let all who love me follow me. Tell me where does God get mentioned. Be honest Joan, you were doing it for yourself, in your name. (full quote)