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Mister Roberts - 1955 Movie Quotes

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  WHO DID IT??? (full quote)
  captain? it is i! ensign pulver! i just threw your stinkin palm tree overboard. now what's all this crud about no movie tonite? (full quote)
  nevermind what i told you! i'm telling you! (full quote)
  i'm the new cargo officer. and that's not all! i gotta have dinner with him tonite1 he likes me! (full quote)
10929 I looked down from our bridge and saw our captain's palm tree. Our trophy for superior achievement! The Admiral John J. Finchley award for delivering more toothpaste and toilet paper than any other Navy cargo ship in the safe area of the Pacific. (full quote)
  Captain, it is I, Ensign Pulver, and I want you to know that I just threw your stinkin' palm tree overboard. Now what's all this crud about no movie tonight? (full quote)
  I'd rather have this than the Congressional Medal of Honor (full quote)
42119 Captain, it is I, Ensign Pulver and I just threw your rotten stinking palm tree over the side. Now what's this about no movie tonight? (full quote)
laser48 You know what scotch has always tasted a little like to me, Doc? Iodine. (full quote)