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Peter Pan - 1953 Movie Quotes

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Icea No! Squaw no gettum firewood, squaw go home! (full quote)
Icea See how well he steers the ship, mother? (full quote)
Icea 1. Oh don’t lock it, mother. He might come back. 2. He? 1. Yes. ***** ***. You see, I found something that belongs to him. 2. Oh, and what’s that? 1. His shadow. (full quote)
Icea 1. ***** ***! Oh, *****, I knew you’d come back! I saved your shadow for you. Oh I do hope it isn’t rumpled. You know, you look exactly the way I thought you would. Oh, a litter taller perhaps. But then... You can’t stick it on with soap, *****. It needs sewing. That’s the proper way to do it. Although, come to think of it, I’ve never thought about it before. Sewing shadows, I mean. Of course, I knew it was your shadow the minute I saw it. And I said to myself, “I’ll put it away for him until he comes back. He’s sure to come back”. And you did, didn’t you, *****? After all, one can’t leave his shadow lying about… and not miss it sooner or later, don’t you agree? But what I still don’t understand is how **** got it in the first place. She really isn’t… Oh, sit down. It won’t take long. She really isn’t vicious, you know. She’s a wonderful nurse, although father says--- 2. Girls talk too much. 1. Yes, girls talk too--- Hmmm? Oh. (full quote)
Icea 1. Now, just a minute, I…, let me see now, I have to pack. Oh, and I must leave a note when I’ll be back. Of course, I couldn’t stay too long. And then I have to--- Oh Never Land. Oh, I-I’m so happy, I’I think I’ll give you a-a kiss. 2. what’s a-a kiss? (full quote)
Icea 1. what’s the pixie doing? 2. Talking. 3. what did she say? 2. She says you’re a big, ugly girl. 3. Oh. (full quote)
Icea 1. Oh, I should like very much to cross swords with some real buccaneers. 2. Yes and fight pirates too! (full quote)
Icea 1. He can fly! 2. He can fly! 3. He flewed! (full quote)
Icea 1. Blast that ***** ***. If I could only find his hideout, I’d trap him in his lair. But where is it? Mermaid Lagoon? No, we’ve searched that. We’ve combed Cannibal Cove. Here! No, no, no, no. That’s Indian territ--- But wait. Those redskins know this island better than I do me own ship. Ah, I wonder. 2. Good morning, Captain. 1. I’ve got it! Tiger Lily, Smee! 2. T-T-Tiger Lily, Captain? 1. The chief’s daughter. She’ll know where *** is hiding. 2. B-B-But-But will she talk Captain? 1. Oh, a little persuasion might be in order.. Now let me see. Boiling in oil? Uh, keelhauling? Marooning? (full quote)
Icea 1. Oh, *****! You saved my life! 2. Are you hurted, *****? 1. No *******. 3. Good heavens, *****. You might have been killed. (full quote)
Icea 1. Attention! Well, I’m certainly proud of you… you blockheads! I bring you a mother to tell you stories… [All]A mother? 1. And you shoot her down! 2. Well, **** said it was a bird! 1. **** said what? 3. Well, she said you said to shoot it down (full quote)
Icea 1. personally, I should prefer to see the aborigines. 2. And the Indians too! (full quote)
Icea Hangman's Tree! So that's the entrance to his hiding place. Thank you m'dear. You've been most helpful! (full quote)
Icea I´m a codfish! (full quote)
29417 1: But George, do you think the children will be safe without Nana? 2: Safe? Of course they'll be safe. Why not? 1: Well, Wendy said something about a shadow and- 1: A shadow? Whose shadow? 2: Peter Pan. 1: Peter P-Peter Pan?!? Oh goodness gracious, whatever shall we do? Sound the alarm! Call Scotland Yard! Oh, Mary of all the impossible childish fiddle faddle. How can we expect the children to grow up and be practical, when you're as bad as they are? Peter Pan indeed. No wonder Wendy gets these idiotic ideas. (full quote)
  Second star to the right and straight on till morning... (full quote)
30598 1: I think I shall give you a kiss. 2: A kiss? what's a kiss? (full quote)
  All you need is trust and a bit of pixie dust (full quote)
  I'm youth! I'm joy! (full quote)
  Every time you say you dont believe in fairies, a fairy dies. (full quote)
  Remember that place between sleep and awake, that place where you still remember dreaming. That's where I'll always Love you Peter Pan, and that's where I'll be waiting. (full quote)
  All you need is faith and trust and just a little pixie dust! (full quote)
  SNEEEEEEEED!! (full quote)
  Tic-tock, Tic-tock. (full quote)
  Tell me now is Peter Pan a boy or a girl and just were in Never Never land spose to be? We are not sure if Peter Pan is a boy or girl but Never Never land is at Mikel Jackson's place and the picksy dust.... well.... (full quote)
10929 Sooner or later, Nana, people have to grow up. (full quote)
  There hidden in the right hand corner, is that a kiss?...A Kiss!...Like mother’s kiss!...But what is it for?...It its for the greatest adventure of all. They that find it have slipped in and out of heaven...To find what?...The one the kiss belongs too. (full quote)
41248 second star to the right and straight on 'til morning. (full quote)
  you can't catch me and make me a man! (full quote)
7046 1. Girls talk too much. 2. Yes, girls talk too--hmm? (full quote)
  if you believe in fairies clap you hands (full quote)
  We were only trying to drown her. (full quote)
FutureHunter94 It Will Live In your Heart Forever. (full quote)
vickylovesBieber full lines (full quote)