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Gidget - 1959 Movie Quotes

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3222 You'll know it, surely as if you'd been hit on the head with a sledgehammer! (full quote)
3222 Honey, one of the advantages of being a young lady is.. it isn't up to you, it's up to the young man. (full quote)
3222 You're so right! The man I'm after sure does want something else and I'll see that he gets it!! (full quote)
3222 1)And Moondoggie... your heroic lifesaver 2)Oh, we're old friends. (full quote)
  WANT BOARDS? ASK STINKY. (full quote)
5861 It possitively surpasses every living emotion I've ever had! (full quote)
  it's the absolute awsomeist (full quote)
18780 It's the ultimate! (full quote)
  Hey! This is the Ultimate! (full quote)
29304 1. Would you, uh, sorta wear this till I come back? 2. Oh, boy would I?! Oh, just wait, wait till the girls get a load of this! Honest-to-goodness-it's-the-absolute-ultimate! (full quote)
  honest to goodness it's the absolute ultimate! (full quote)
  Honest to goodness it'd the absolute ultimate (full quote)
  honest-to-goodness-it's-the-absolute-ultimate!!! (full quote)
  It's the Ultimate! (full quote)
10929 The next best thing to love. (full quote)
  1. Really, letting eligible men see you in an outfit like that, haven't you got any pride? 2. Pride? Well I guess I'll have to look up the definition of the word again (full quote)
  The man said to bring the toy back to the nursery (full quote)
  Although she's not kingsize, her finger is ringsize. Gidget is the one for me. (full quote)
  A girl becomes a woman when she brings out the best in a man. (full quote)
  you better get out of the sun before you melt (full quote)
  Boy, the bigger they are, the doppier they get! (full quote)