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Alamo, The - 1960 Movie Quotes

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  I aint never been run out of no place! 'cepting by my Pa over in that little half acre back in Ohio. But I was jest a shirt-tailed kid then and my Pa had biiig feet! (full quote)
  I aint never said I aint been whupped, I have, but I gave each and every one of them fellows a chance to dig in and get the job done! (full quote)
10929 Republic. I like the sound of the word. (full quote)
37783 Kind of a shame kids have to grow up into people. (full quote)
10929 green leaves of summer. (full quote)
10929 Tennessee babe. (full quote)
10929 Here's to the ladies. (full quote)
10929 Being in Congress has ruined many a good man. (full quote)
10929 There ain't no fair way to fight a war. (full quote)
10929 Maybe Santa Anna's surrendered. (full quote)
10929 Not thinking, just remembering. (full quote)
10929 Cut, slash, and run. (full quote)
  no blood, no tears, no glory (full quote)