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BUtterfield 8 - 1960 Movie Quotes

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8936 I started with Amherst and worked my way eck through the alphabet to Yale. I'm stuck the. 'Course I could work backwards again. (full quote)
10929 Mama, face it. I was the slut of all time. (full quote)
10929 I had more fun in the backseat of a '39 Ford than I can ever have in the vault at the Chase National Bank (full quote)
10929 Vulgarity has its uses. (full quote)
  and i loved it!...i loved every awful minute of it! (full quote)
  why if i was intelligent i wouldn't need a psychiatrist! (full quote)
  why i didn't study logic at colombia i'll never know! (full quote)
  On the outside, she was all sex and the devil may care but on the inside, she was struggling towards respectability (full quote)
10929 No Sale. (full quote)