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Babes in Toyland - 1961 Movie Quotes

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7715 And you’ll live for the love and the happiness of, This lonely boy… And each night he will say, in a whimsical way, You’re just a toy… (full quote)
7715 For awhile Bo Peep, try to smile Bo Peep. (full quote)
7715 good-bye to Floretta, and hello, to TOM! (full quote)
7715 Smiling eyes, golden hair, Made with such loving care, She’s just a toy (full quote)
23990 Children: We will scream, we will shout. Trees: Still, you can't get out. (full quote)
23990 Surely, you must agree that it makes your head whirl to be marrying me, you lucky girl (full quote)
23990 Slowly, slowly, he sank into the sea. (full quote)
23990 Here, sheep! where are ya? (full quote)
  I come from C-I-N-C-I-N-N-A-T-I, Cincinnati! The best town in O-H-I-O, Ohio USA! At first they called it Cinci but since Cinci was so nati, they named it Cincinnati so they say hey! The girls are pretty pretty in this pretty lil city. The fellas are the fistiest I've seen! (full quote)
  your a boner biting bastard uncle fucker (full quote)
38628A Vie on you, you frivolous fools! your tide is at the serge! Today you sing a happy song, tomorrow a dirge! (full quote)
38628A We enjoy committing mayhem for a monetary gain and we specialize in crimes which are completely inhumane. Now we’re on our way steal some sheep and drown the boy at sea. And then directly we’ll collect a very handsome fee and we won’t be happy till we get it. In some lagoon a body some will splash. We’re eager to proceed, to do this evil deed, just as long as we are paid in cash. (full quote)
38628A Gentle Mary, so grief-strickened and remorseful, oh to see you thus is more than I can bear. Erase your sorrow now, be resourceful, for yourself and those poor children in your care. (full quote)
38628A In our castle in Spain you’ll be living rent-free. Every capital gain, you’ll share with me. From this village below, every cent we will drain; and our fortune will grow in our castle in Spain. Every mortgage and lease, I will revaluate; and for you I’ll increase their interest rate. You’ll eat nothing but cake, you’ll drink naught but champagne; you’ll be in on the take in our castle in Spain. (full quote)
38628A Take advantage my dear, of my infatuation. May I point out, you are deeply in my debt. I could seize your home through legal confiscation! I do hope you don’t take that as a threat. Feast your eyes upon my mansion tall and stately. And imagine it’s a castle dear in Spain. Come my love while I’ll admire it greatly that you be my queen and live in my domain! (full quote)