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West Side Story - 1961 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
3225 Cracko Jacko! down goes the teenage hoodlum (full quote)
3225 I have no mind. I'm the village idiot (full quote)
  what has chino done to her? chino? why chino? Maybe she's just dolling up for us, gracias querida! (full quote)
  I have not yet learned to joke that way. I think now Inever will. (full quote)
5102 And what am I? Cut glass? (full quote)
5102 How do I know what goes on 10 feet above my head? But you better be home in FIFTEEN minutes. (full quote)
  No, I'm scared enough for the both of you. (full quote)
  When love comes so strong... there's no right or wrong. Your love is your life (full quote)
  Meet me on the roof later (full quote)
6877 He is the old married woman (full quote)
6877 when you are a old married woman with 5 children, then you can tell me what to do. Until then, it is the other way around! (full quote)
  If they say blades, I say blades ... If they say guns, I say guns! I want the Jets to be number ONE! (full quote)
  Joe: You can call me Joe Mia: *Laughs* Joey Joe: *laughs* No, Joe (full quote)
11868 (Riff Sings) When your a Jet your a Jet all the way; from your first cigarette until your last dying day! (full quote)
3225 1) Trusting with our hearts open 2) Our arms open 3) You came with your mouth open! (full quote)
3225 1) Anita it is supposed to be a dress for dancing, no longer for praying 2) Listen, with those boys you can start in dancing and end up praying. (full quote)
3225 1) For what did my brother bring me here? 2) To marry Chino. 1) When I look at Chino nothing happens. 2) What do you expect to happen. 1) I don't know..something. What happens when you look at Bernardo 2) Its when I don't look that it happens (full quote)
3225 1) An American tragedy 2) POW 1) Oh poo! 3) Oobly poo 4) Now when the sharks come you chicks cut out huh? 1) We might and then again we might not 4) This aint kids stuff Graziella 1) I and Velma aint kid stuff neither, are we Vel? 3) No thank you, ooo, oobly oo 1) And you can punctuate it! 2) Oo! (full quote)
12905 Puerto hearts devotion....let it sink back in the ocean. Always the hurricane's blowing. Always the population growing. And the money owing and the sunlight streaming and the native's steaming. I like the island Manhattan (you know you do) (full quote)
jymcnair That stupid boy--he killed your brother! Forget that boy and find another! Stick to your own kind, stick to your own kind! (full quote)
  1)When will you kids stop? You're the ones who make this world cruddy. 2)Doc, we didnt make this world. (full quote)
13202 1) Womb to tomb? 2) Birth to earth. (full quote)
  Your mothers a pole, your fathers a sweed but you were born here that's all that you need. You are an American. But us...foreigners! (full quote)
11531 Nardo-tonite everything will be settled.0 Anita-first settle your stomach. Nardo-nevermind my stomach. Anita-well I mind you nose and head BROKEN. Girls- BROKEN!? Anita- yes he's using Maria as an excuse to start World War III. Nardo-It is more than that. Anita- more than what? she was only dancing. Nardo-with an american.... who is really a pollack. Anita- Says the spic. Nardo- you are not soo cute. (full quote)
14477 -Somethin's comin. I dunno what it is but it is gonna be great. (full quote)
14477 ~Maria I just met a girl named Maria and suddenly that name will never be the same to me. Maria I just kissed a girl named Maria and suddenly I've found how wonderful a sound can be. Maria. Say it loud and there's music playing. Say it soft and it's almost like praying. Maria. I'll never stop saying Maria. (full quote)
14477 ~Veruka? ~His pet name for me. ~I like it! And he will like me. ~No, he is like Bernardo...afraid. Ha, imagine being afraid of you. ~You see? ~I see you. ~Oh Maria see only me. ~Only you, you're the only thing I'll see forever. In my eyes in my words and in everything I do. Nothing else but you ever... ~And there's nothing for me but Maria. Every site that I see is Maria. ~Tony, tony. ~Always you, every thought I'll ever know, everywhere I go you'll be. ~All the world is only you and me ~Tonight, tonight it all began tonight I saw you and the world went away. Tonight, tonight there's only you tonight. what you are what you do what you say. (full quote)
14477 ~goodnight, goodnight, sleep well and when you dream, dream of me...tonight (full quote)
14477 ~Dear kindly Srgnt, Crupkee ya gotta understand. It's just our bringin upkee that get's out of hand our mothers all our junkies our fathers all are drunks. Golly Moses, naturally we're punks! (full quote)
14477 ~I thought you'd understand. Maria understands. ~Maria understand's nothing. There is no Maria Tony. (full quote)
14477 ~make of our hands one hand. make of our hearts one heart. make of our vows one last vow. Only death will part us now. ~make of our lives one life. Day after day one life. Now it begins, now is our, one heart. Only death will part us now. (full quote)
14477 ~I have a love and it's all that I have. Right or wrong, what else can I do? I love him, I'm his and everything he is...I am too. I love him, we're one. There's nothing to be done. Not a thing I can do but hold him hold him forever. Be with him now, tomorrow and all of my life... (full quote)
  Eek! Officer Krupke, you've done it again. This boy don't need a job, he needs a year in the pen. It ain't just a question of misunderstood; Deep down inside him, he's no good! (full quote)
5033 I love you. Yes. (full quote)
5033 I'm not one of them. But your not one of us. (full quote)
  Arab:Racko Jacko! down goes a teenage hoodlem. Baby John: Gee, c-could a real zip gun make ya do like that? Anybodys: I know what a zip gun could make you do. You'd better wear diapers! Baby John: Aw, go walk the streets like your sister! Anybodys: Listen Jail Bait I licked you twice I can do it again!!! (full quote)
5033 Oh go walk to streets like your sister! I beat you up twice and I'll do it again! (full quote)
5033 Oh go weara skirt! I got scabby knees! (full quote)
22540 So why don't you leave? Cause your ma's hot for me. (full quote)
22540 Just play it cool boy, real cool. (full quote)
  Tony: You see Maria: I see you Tony: Oh, Maria, see only me Maria: only you, you're the only thing I see, forever... (full quote)
  Anybodys: Hey Buddy boys! Action: Aw Go wear a skirt. Anybodys: I got scabby knees listen. (Jets Guy?): Spossin' they ask about the rumble? Anybodys: Spossin they ask where's Tony and what party's lookin' for him...with a gun! Ice: Hey you know somthin'? Anybodys: I know I gotta go get a skirt. Ice:(grabs her shirt) Come on, Anybodys!(She throws his hand off) Arab: Aw, what's the freak know?! Anybodys: Plenty I figured someone oughta infiltrate PR territory and spy around. I'm very large with shadows, ya know, I cna slip in and out of em' like wind though a fence. (Jets Guy?): Boy is she ever makin' the most of it! Anybodys: You bet your Fat A I am!!! (Ice grabs her shirt again) Ice: SPILL IT!!! (she throws his and off again) Anybodys: OK! I hear Chino tellin' about Tony and Bernardo's sister. Ice: Yeah. Anybodys: Then he says if it's the last thing i do i'm gonna get that pollack! Then he pulls out the Bad News! Action: what'd i tell ya. (Jets Guy?): Those PR's won't stop... Arab: ...till' we stop em'! Ice: Now Hold It! Tony come through for us, we gotta come through for Tony. We gotta find him before Chino finds him. (Jets Guy?)...and burns him. Ice: You two cover the alleys. Val: I and Bertiella will take to the streets. (Two Jets): The Schoolyard. (Two jets): The Park. Ice: Right. Anybodys: Hey, what about me? Ice: You? Anybodys Uh-huh. Ice: in and out of the shadows, maybe you'll find Tony in one of em'. Anybodys: Right! Ice: HEY! Ya done good buddy boy! Anybodys: Thanks...Daddyo. (full quote)
  Maria: I think i will tell Mama and Papa about you and Nardo in the balcony of the movies! Anita: I will rip this dress to shreds! Maria: No! But if you could perhaps manage to lower the neck? Anita: Next year. (full quote)
  Maria: All of you, you all killed him, not with bullets and guns but with hate, well i can kill too, because now I have hate. (full quote)
  We won't bite you, untile we get to know you better (full quote)
  Oh No Anita No. It is not true not for me True for you not for me I hear your words and they are smart but in my heart Anita but my heart!!! (full quote)
  Bernardo was right. If one of you was lying in the streets bleeding, I'd walk right by and spit on you! I've got a message for your American buddy! You tell that murderer that Maria's never going to meet him! You tell him that Chino found out about them...and shot her! She's dead! (full quote)
  Get 'em Riff (full quote)
  Maria: what does Tony mean? Tony: Antone Maria: Te adoro Antone! Tony: Te adoro Maria! (full quote)
  All of you! You all killed him! Not with bullets or knives. With hate! And now I can kill too! Because now I have hate! (starts to sob) (full quote)
  Maria: You all killed him, and my brother, and Riff. Not with bullets and guns, but with hate. Now I can kill too, because I have hate! (full quote)
5033 What happened to Tony. Chino, tell me is Tony all right? He killed your brother! (full quote)
5033 How do you fire this gun Chino? Just by pulling this little trigger? How many bullets are left in the gun Chino enough for you and you and you. How many can I kill and still have one left for me? You all killed him all of you not with bullets and guns but with hate and now I can kill becasue now I have hate. (full quote)
10929 Maria. (full quote)
10929 America. (full quote)
10929 cool. (full quote)
10929 One Hand, One Heart. (full quote)
10929 Tonight. (full quote)
10929 I Feel Pretty. (full quote)
10929 Gee, Officer Krupke. (full quote)
10929 A Boy Like That. (full quote)
10929 Te adoro, Anton. (full quote)
10929 I am going back with a Cadillac! (full quote)
10929 Back home, women know their place. (full quote)
10929 When you're a Jet, you're a Jet all the way! (full quote)
12076 1)you boy's get off that fence right now. 2)but we're havin so much fun! 3)we enjoy the playground. (full quote)
12076 1)i like to be in america, okay by me in america, everything free in america. 2)for a small fee in america (full quote)
22540 So much to're not making a joke? (full quote)
28503 He murdered your love he murdered mine. (full quote)
40950 [Singing] I like to be in America, OK by me in America, everything free in America... [Singing] For a small fee in America! (full quote)
41248 White is for babies! I will be the only one there in a white... OH!!!! It's beautiful! Thank you Anita! (full quote)