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What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? - 1962 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
4672 Don't you think I know everything that goes on in this house? (full quote)
8198 But you are, Blanche, you are in a wheelchair (full quote)
10513 I've written a letter to daddy. His address is heaven above. (full quote)
  Eat yer dinner, it'll get cold... (full quote)
  Blanche-Jane, I was watching. Jane-Than you're an idiot. (full quote)
27021 Blanche: Jane, I was watching. Jane: Then you're an idiot! (full quote)
Deb Blanche: You wouldn't be able to do these awful things to me if I weren't still in this chair! Jane: Butcha are, Blanche! Ya are in that chair! (full quote)
  you mean we could have been friends all these years (full quote)
  Now when I'm very good, and do as I am told, I'm mommy's little angel, and poppa says I'm good as gold. But when I'm very bad, and aswer back in sass, I'm mommies' little devil, and poppa says I've got the brass. (full quote)
  Blanche, you know we got rats in the cellah? (full quote)
OldBuff We're sisters, Elvira. We know each other very well. (full quote)