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It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World - 1963 Movie Quotes

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4066 It's buried under a big W, I tell you. A big W. (full quote)
4921 After having his truck forced off the road and down a steep hillside: I said it before and I'll say it again, I didn't want to move to California! (full quote)
4921 Everything is under control here. It'll take a little longer because there was a joker in the deck that nobody knew about. Right? (full quote)
4066 He's just like your father: A big, stupid, muscle headed moron! (full quote)
4066 I'll wager you anything you like, if American women stopped wearing brassieres, your whole national economy would collapse overnight. (full quote)
4066 1. Now look! We've figured it out 17 different ways, and each time we figured it, it was no good, because no matter how we figured it, somebody don't like the way we figured it. So now, theres only one way to figure it. And that is,everyman,including the old bag, for himself. 2. So good luck and may the best man win. 1. Except you lady, may you just drop dead! (full quote)
4066 Even businessmen, who rob and cheat and steal from people everyday, even they have to pay taxes. (full quote)
4066 1. Oh Russell, I feel sick. 2. Now take it easy honey, these things happen ya know. 3. Now what kind of an attitude is that, these things happen? They only happen becasuse this whole country is just full of people, who when these things happen, they just say these things happen, and that's why they happen! We gotta have control of what happens to us. (full quote)
4921 We think there's something phony here. We're out on one-oh-one by Cortez checking a mad dog report. (full quote)
17864 1)Are we near Oregon? 2)That's 700 miles from here! (full quote)
17864 1:Wait a minute... I cauhn't see! Something's happened to my eyes... I-I-I cauhn't see! 2:You cauhn't see? 1:I cauhn't see! 2:He cauhn't see... 3:Must be an 'eye-cold'. (full quote)
17864 I must say that I find your attitude somewhat less than helpful... (full quote)
17864 Now I earnestly recommend that we forget your good ladies and press on with all possible dispatch. (full quote)
17864 As far as I can see American men have been totally emasculated. They're like slaves! The die like flies from choleric thrombosis, while their women are sitting under hair dryers, eating chocolates, and arranging for every second Tuesday to be some sort of 'Mother's Day'! (full quote)
17864 And this positively infantile preoccupation with bosoms! In all my time in this wretched, godforsaken country, the one thing that has apalled me most of all is this preposterous preoccupation with bosoms! Don't you realize that they have become the dominant theme in American culture, in literature, advertising, and all things entertainment and everything! I wager you anything you like that if Amercan women stopped wearing brassiers your whole national economy would collapse overnight!! (full quote)
17864 Well stop kidding, will ya, and make us some drinks! You just press the button back there marked 'booze'. It's the only way to fly! (full quote)
17864 You're not gonna do anything! drive on, ya big stupid idiot! (full quote)
17864 It's too deep! This is no place for a convertible!!! (full quote)
17864 Just look at the way your wife and her strumpet of a mother push you through the hoop! (full quote)
17864 Whad'ya mean, 'who's flyin' the plane?' Nobody's flyin' the plane!! (full quote)
17864 whatever the outcome of the day, I shall never forget that you hit me when I wasn't even looking! (full quote)
17864 Be careful with him; he's not normal! (full quote)
17864 Have a care; that man's run absolutely amuck! (full quote)
17864 Listen, anything you say about your mother-in-law you don't have to explain to me, ya know what I mean? It's like, if she were the star of a real crummy horror movie, I'd believe it! (full quote)
17864 1)whatsamatta, what happened to you two?! Was there some kind of initiation? 2)There was an accident; we fell into yellow, all right? (full quote)
17864 There's no rush, we just wanna get there in a hurry! (full quote)
17864 Well... it was a nice dream. It lasted almost five minutes. (full quote)
  Now men, you've got to... you've got to know about the brakes, I'm gonna tell you about the brakes in just one little minute, just be patient, just hold on a minute, just. what the Hell's with this wire here! (full quote)
  Why don't we just shoot them out of the sky, it would be easier. (full quote)
  The reason why these things happen, is because when these things happen, everyone stands around and says these things happen, and that's why they happen. (full quote)
10929 Well! (full quote)
  what are you, the hostess? (full quote)
  what in the hell is the Smiler Grogan case? (full quote)
35372 Mrs. Marcus: Emmeline, do you know exactly why your husband had a nervous breakdown? It's beacuse he has sunk $40,000, including $15,000 of my money, into a company that makes seaweed for people to eat. And not only does nobody like it, it costs over $4 a can! J. Russell Finch: Yeah but... Mrs. Marcus: Yeah but what? J. Russell Finch: Some people like it, and I like it, and I'm working hard trying to keep the costs down. Mrs. Marcus: Yeah, you were working hard trying to keep the costs down the day you ran out of your office and stood in the street screaming! Emmeline: Mother! Mrs. Marcus: Oh, Emmeline, shut up! (to J. Russell) And you too! J. Russell Finch: (groan) (full quote)
  Sylvester: Out baby out! Pike: Who you callin Baby? (full quote)
  He went sailing right out there. Did you see the way he went just went sailing out there? I mean he just went sailing right out there. (full quote)
  and may the best man win....except you lady...may you just...DROP DEAD! (full quote)
  what are you? The hostess? (full quote)
  That guy's dead. (full quote)
  If we have to climb much further I'm gonna be laying down there with him. (full quote)
  Sylvester: Hey, cut out, cut out, cut out. Pike:What's this cut out business? Sylvester:Out baby, out baby out! Pike:Don't call me baby. (full quote)
  what did ya bend your tailpipe (full quote)
  A girl six foot seven is bound to have special problems. (full quote)
  Oh Russell you wouldn't, you couldn't, you shouldn't. (full quote)
  just answer me one question, are you english? (full quote)
  what could happen to an old fashion???? (full quote)
  Mickey Rooney (Dingy) to Buddy Hackett (Benjy) after pulling the Beechcraft 18 out of a high speed, near fatal vertical dive: Are you trying to scare me? Benjy- No. Dingy- Well, YOU DID! (full quote)
  seconds before the fireworks go off 1} dont you think i can do anything for myself, why dont you have alittle confidence in me (full quote)
  I'm telling ya, the cops in this town are morons (full quote)
  Just because this old bag sticks her big face....then Ethel Merman swings her purse and hits Sid Caesar accidentally instead while saying to Jonathan Winters - you big stupid looking goon! (full quote)
10929 Even businessmen, who rob and cheat and steal from people everyday, even they have to pay taxes. (full quote)
10929 You're doing a great job, Colonel. (full quote)
10929 It's too deep! I can't cross here! This is like Niagara Falls! (full quote)
22756 So, somebody'll stumble over the little girls bicycle in the dark huh? Well when I finish with you they'll be stumbling over you in the dark! (full quote)
22756 Fellas, I'm glad you're here, look I need your help, here's what happened. I had this blowout. I think there's a spare in the back, it may be a little flat, take a look. Is there an airport anyplace around here? Look if the spare is flat, don't bother fixing it give me a new tire alright, you ain't got a new tire then you'll have to fix the spare, but don't look at me, move it! You could be gassing up, what is it a staring contest, come on, move, move! Will ya kid, come on! (full quote)
22756 MELVILLE: Well look, why don't we just start digging for it right now? RUSSELL: Well suppose somebody comes along, what do we tell him? MONICA: Well, we could just say that we're here with an anthropological expedition. DINGY: Naahhh! SYLVESTER: Or we don't don't tell em anything. We tell em to hit the road or we'll beat their brains in!! (full quote)
22756 where's Russell? I'll rip his ugly head off! (full quote)
22756 You're babys comin for ya mama! (full quote)
22756 Aunt Bell I didn't mean to do it! Tell me it don't make any difference! (full quote)
22756 MR. FITZGERALD: I can't see! (full quote)
Marvin Acme Look there’s this dough see … there’s all this dough, 350 G’s. Do you hear what I'm sayin'? 350G’s! In the park in Rosita, Rosita Big State Park, just south of Dago, in Santa Rosita. It’s in this box buried under this (cough) buried under this big W. You’ll see it…you’ll see it under this …under this big W. (full quote)
Marvin Acme #1- I'm making an Old Fashioned the old-fashioned way...the way dear old Dad used to. #2- What if something happens? #1- What can happen to an Old Fashioned, all right (full quote)
Marvin Acme #1- Now I'm gonna make us some Old Fashioneds the old-fashioned way - the way dear old Dad used to! #2- What if something happens? #1- What could happen to an Old Fashioned? (full quote)
Marvin Acme #1- So good luck and may the best man win! #2- Right, except you lady, may you just drop dead! #3-Alright alright we all agree on that. (full quote)
fray429 1: Benji, I tell you, he said the man who's flying should be talking on this thing. 2: what, am I supposed to everything? You want me to fly the airplane, you want me to work the radio, what are you gonna... what are you, the hostess? (full quote)
fray429 1: Benji, I tell you, he said the man who's flying should be talking on this thing. 2: what, am I supposed to everything? You want me to fly the airplane, you want me to work the radio, what are you gonna... what are you, the hostess? (full quote)
48231 Whoever told you that, she was a liar! (full quote)