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633 Squadron - 1964 Movie Quotes

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  Adams: what's it all add up to? All their sacrifice? Davies: A successful operation. Adams: They're probably all dead. All 633 squadron. Davies: You can't kill a squadron. (full quote)
  Watch out boys we have bandits overhead, FW-190'S WHICH ARE FASTER THAN OUR BALSA WOOD MOSQUITOES, CAN'T THE RAF BUILD A DECENT AIRPLANE??? Hey Bernie just flew into the side of that cliff!!! Roger just rammed one of the Kraut ACK-ACK SITES!! Jesus were all gonna die!! Holy Cow this is a lot of fun skipper!! (full quote)
10929 --I thought you were against marriage. --I'm also against death. But it happens anyway. (full quote)
10929 You can't kill a squadron. (full quote)