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Fail-Safe - 1964 Movie Quotes

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46800 The Matador! The Matador... Me!... Me. (full quote)
cptdad 1: They're good men, we've seen to that. If their orders are to attack, the only way you'll stop them is to shoot them down. 2: We've got no alternative! This minute the Russians are watching their boards, trying to figure out what we're up to. If we can't convince them this is an accident we're trying to correct by any means, we're going to have something on our hands that nobody bargained for, something only a lunatic wants! (full quote)
46800 Colonel Grady, this is the president of the United states.
The mission you are flying has been triggered by a mechanical failure. It is a mistake. (full quote)
46800 I'm told that what we will hear at this end... will be a high, shrill sound. That will be the ambassador's phone... melting from the heat of the fireball. When we hear that sound... the ambassador will be dead. (full quote)
46800 I tell you, it doesn't carry any bombs. You don't have to worry about it! (full quote)
chasprice When we hear a high pitched sound that will be the sound of your phone melting. (full quote)
5221 Gentlemen, we are wasting time. I've been making a few rough calculations on the effect of two twenty megaton bombs dropped on New York City in the middle of a normal workday. I estimate the immediate dead at about three million. I include in that figure those buried beneath collapsed buildings. It would make no difference, Admiral Wilcox, whether they reached a shelter or not. They would die just the same. (full quote)
KCbus Peculiar reversal. Press would be interested. The military man who is the dove, and the civilian who is the hawk. (full quote)
KCbus If we can't convince them that this is an accident that we're trying to correct by any means, we're going to have something on our hands that nobody bargained for. And only a lunatic wants. (full quote)