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Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! - 1965 Movie Quotes

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4921 lady, noticing man staring at her cleavage while he's talking about sightseeing America: You won't find it down there, Columbus! (full quote)
4689 That sounds like my motor being reved up. Which makes twice today. (full quote)
4689 We got two more cars, eightball! Don't make a career out of it! (full quote)
4689 Let's time Lancelot as he come charging to the rescue! (full quote)
4689 Looks to me like you've got two of everything and some left over. (full quote)
10929 Welcome to Violence! (full quote)
10929 Women! They let 'em vote, smoke, and drive. Even put 'em in pants. And what happens? A Democrat for president! (full quote)
44453 You girls a bunch of nudists or are you just short of clothes? (full quote)