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Ghost and Mr. Chicken, The - 1965 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
6664 And the used Bon Ami! (full quote)
7046 Calm?!? Do murder and calm go together? Calm and murder? Murder? (full quote)
12497 ATABOY LUTHER ! ! ! ! ! (full quote)
  My whole body's a weapon. (full quote)
15323 i would take good food over bad food any day of the week (full quote)
  why don't you run up an alley and yell fish (full quote)
  Let me clarify this...thank you very much. (full quote)
  That electrician must be a democrat! (full quote)
  i threw a book at the bookshelf and woosh it opened (full quote)
  i threw a book at the bookshelf and woosh it opened (full quote)
  I'm having chicken soup with Alma (full quote)
  Put that on my tab. You haven't got a tab. (full quote)
10929 Oh, don't panic. Don't panic. (full quote)
10929 When you work with words, words are your work. (full quote)
10929 That's right, karate...made my whole body a weapon. (full quote)
10929 I guess if you cut me, I'd bleed ink. (full quote)