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Our Man Flint - 1965 Movie Quotes

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10929 -Your code book. -If you don't mind, sir, I prefer to use my own personal code. -But I would rather you use the government code. -I already know mine. It's a mathematical progression. 40-26-36. (full quote)
10929 -Flint, the government needs you. -Yes. Well, it's good to be wanted, sir. (full quote)
10929 -Flint, the world's in trouble! -Well, it usually is, but it manages to extricate itself without my help. (full quote)
10929 -Flint? -It can't be! -Of course it can. That's why he's Flint! (full quote)
10929 -I don't need any men. -You said you were joining the team. -But the team's not joining me. (full quote)
10929 -Ours would be a perfect world! Why? -Because it's your idea of perfection, gentlemen. Not mine! (full quote)
10929 -You traveled all the way to Moscow to watch a ballet? -No, to teach! (full quote)
10929 -Hans Gruber, Hitler youth movement, escaped during the Nuremberg Trials. -I'm a much nicer person now. (full quote)
10929 -Flint, I owe you my life. The medic said four more seconds and I... -Three more secords. -Damn it, man, is there anything you don't know? -A great many things, sir. (full quote)
10929 -where are you going? -I'm going to put Galaxy into orbit. (full quote)
10929 Repeat after me. I am not a pleasure unit. (full quote)
10929 Man does not live by bread alone. (full quote)
10929 My interests are more personal than governmental. (full quote)
10929 --I noticed that these men were wearing Battle of the Budge ribbons. --There were no ribbons for the Battle of the Budge. --Exactly. These men are imposters. (full quote)