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Shenandoah - 1965 Movie Quotes

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4921 This war is not mine and I take no note it. (full quote)
4921 This war is not mine and I take no note of it. (full quote)
  This war is like all wars. The undertakers are winning it. The politians tall of the glory of it, the old men tell of the need of it, and the soldiers, they just want to go home. (full quote)
  We thank you Lord for this food. We cleared the land. We planted it. We cared for it and harvested it. We prepared it. Just the same we thank you for it. (full quote)
  (Son)Pa, why does he want to talk to you? (Pa)It's you sister son. You didn't think she was going to stay here and care for us all her life did you? (Son)I don't get it. (Pa)Well son she's ripe now, so the pickers will be coming by. (full quote)
  Pa, the pickers are here! (full quote)
  BURN IT! BURN THE TRAIN! (full quote)
  You take good care of the baby. She's probably the only one around here with a brain. (full quote)
10929 Burn the train! (full quote)
10929 Eternally is a long time, Sam. (full quote)
10929 There's not much I can tell you about this war. It's like all wars, I guess. The undertakers are winning. And the politicians who talk about the glory of it. And the old men who talk about the need of it. And the soldiers, well, they just wanna go home. (full quote)
10929 Aman who eats with his hat on is going nowhere in a hurry. (full quote)
10929 --Virginia needs all of its sons, Mr. Anderson. --That might be so, Johnson, but they're my sons! They don't belong to the state. (full quote)
10929 You the leader of this band of fools? (full quote)
10929 --Never shot a man before. --They ain't goin' to know that. (full quote)
  Do you like her, son? (full quote)
47729 Burn it, Burn the train!! It takes people away when they don't want to go. (full quote)
  They're not the state's son's. They're MY sons! When they were babies, I didn't see the state coming along with a spare tit. (full quote)
  --Why do you come to bother coming to church at all if you are going to be late every Sunday? --Tell me, does the Lord wait on me to do his work? (full quote)
  He used to steal horses for free, now the government pays him to do it! (full quote)
  --They're getting closer every day, Pa? --Are they on our land. --No sir. --Then it don't concern us. (full quote)
  Johnson: When are you going to take this war seriously, Mr. Anderson. I'm going to tell you this one time, Johnson. I take my corn seriously because it's mine. I take my potatoes and my tomatoes seriously for the same reason. I take note of this fence too because it's mine. But this war isn't mine and so I take no note of it. (full quote)