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Sons of Katie Elder, The - 1965 Movie Quotes

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  Name Katie Elders' sons. (full quote)
10929 There were four sons: John Elder (played by John Wayne); Tom Elder (played by Dean Martin); Bud Elder (played by Michael Anderson, Jr.); and Matt Elder (played by Earl Holliman). (full quote)
10929 --I'm going with you. I can draw pretty fast. We can be famous - like the Dalton Brothers. --They're famous, but they're just a little bit dead. They were hung! (full quote)
  Texas is a women, she used to say, a big wild beautiful women. You get a kid raised up to where he's got some size and there's Texas whispering in his ear smiling saying..come out with me and have some fun. Hard enough to raise children any place, when ya gotta fight Texas a mother hasn't a chance. That's why she pushed Bud so hard. She let Texas beat her with the rest of you. She was going to see Bud through college or die....well..she died. (Martha Hyer/Mary Gordon) (full quote)
10929 If texas couldn't tame 'em ... could she? (full quote)
joemagee Your daddy had the choice of weapons, and it being the Fourth of July, says Bass, "I choose Roman candles. Well, sir, they stepped off the ten paces, Iit the Roman candles, then they started popping. Thad dark as thunder, Bass laughing, those balls of fire bouncing off him, him laughing so hard he was missing Thad by six feet. Finally, one of those balls of fire landed in your daddy's pants. He grabbed his bottom, ran for the watering trough, sat down in it It was the funniest duel I ever saw! (full quote)