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What's New, Pussycat - 1965 Movie Quotes

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3605 1) Oh, Michael, this can't work! I'm 34 and you're 12! 2) Don't be negative! (full quote)
5172 My wife, the creature that ate Europe, is here. (full quote)
5172 (1)You got something to eat? (2) Some, uh, some fig newtons, and some Hershey bars, and some cough drops. (full quote)
5172 We played strip chess. She had me down to my shorts and I fainted from tension. (full quote)
5172 If it fails, then we'll try something else, because I use all kinds of unorthodox methods. For example, I've had the greatest success shutting people in dark closets. (full quote)
5172 I'll be back tomorrow. If I'm not back tomorrow, send for the police. If they're not back tomorrow, send my clothes. (full quote)
5172 (1) I can't go on the rest of my life being a semi-virgin. (2) what in the name of all that's gracious is a semi-virgin? (1)Here I'm a virgin, in America I'm not. (2) what do they do, stamp it on your passport? (full quote)
5172 (1) I, uh, decided to follow you here. (2) If you followed me here, how did you contrive to be here before me? (1) I followed you . . . very fast. (full quote)
5172 Foiled by a cheap cinematic trick. (full quote)
5172 (1)In Britain, we have a national therapy, we call it cricket. Unlike other sports, it doesn't involve anxieties or pressures. It's leisurely and lyrical. It's the song of willow on leather. (2) Is there any sex in it? (1) Oh, no. This is a game for gentlemen, played by gentlemen. (2) It's sick, sick. (full quote)
5172 (1) I've got something at the striptease. I help the girls dress and undress. (2)Nice job. (1) Twenty francs a week. (2) Not very much. (1) It's all I can afford. (full quote)
5172 You'll like this group analysis, it's a real freak show. If it gets dull, we sing songs. (full quote)
5172 I just burnt my finger! I'm going to go in the bathroom and scream. I'll be out in a minute. (full quote)
5172 (1) I have terrible emotional problems, could you help me? (2) You've certainly picked a very odd time to ask me, I'm just in the middle of a suicide. (full quote)
5172 My father, the most beloved gynecologist in Vienna, before they took him away on a morals charge for indecent exposure at the state opera house said, and I quote, Please do not take me away. I will not do it again. (full quote)
5172 I feel faint. Would you excuse me for a minute, I'm going into the bathroom to take an overdose of sleeping pills. (full quote)
5172 (1) Do you have any salt? (2) Have I got any salt? I got a boat, I got kerosene, matches, firecrackers, two swords, and this flag. But, I ain't got no salt. (full quote)
5172 (1) We're married thirty seconds and already you look at other woman. (2) I have to look at her, she was talking to me; I looked in the direction the sound was coming from. (full quote)
19580 He said you're face is like a pale, autumn moon! Are ya deaf?! (full quote)
10929 As a man's life goes down the drain, you are there. (full quote)
10929 You're grotesque! (full quote)
10929 --When did all this come to an end? --It didn't come to an end! That's the point! (full quote)
10929 Marriage is forever. It's like cement. (full quote)
  Don't you dare call me that again until I look it up! (full quote)