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Blue Max, The - 1966 Movie Quotes

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  If every pilot were to go carrering around France looking for unconfirmed victories, there'd be no air force left. Unconfirmed by army means unconfirmed. Understand? (full quote)
  Klugermann: It's an order. Stachel: Why? Klugermann: Because our commanding officer made it one. He believes in chivalry, Stachel. Stachel: Chivalry? To kill a man, then make a ritual out of saluting him. It's hipocracy. When they kill me, I don't want anyone to salute. Klugermann: They probably won't. (full quote)
  It's a cruel world Herr Hoffmann, you said it yourself... (full quote)
  It's a cruel world Herr Hoffmann, you said SO yourself... (full quote)
10929 We fight to win, Otto. (full quote)
10929 --Well, I suppose I might as well say it. --Say what? --You're beautiful. (full quote)
10929 Perhaps it's force of habit. In the trenches, we couldn't even bury the dead. There were too many of them. I've never had the discuss them over a glass of champagne. (full quote)
10929 I'm afraid it's rather a small medal, Willi, but it's the highest Germany can give. (full quote)
10929 Otto. (full quote)