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How to Steal a Million - 1966 Movie Quotes

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Arsey American millionaires must be all quite mad. Perhaps it's something they put in the ink when they print the money. (full quote)
Arsey Don't you know that in his lifetime Van Gogh only sold one painting? While I, in loving memory of his tragic genius, have already sold two. (full quote)
Arsey Well, it was pitch dark and there he was. Tall, blue eyes, slim, quite good-looking... in a brutal, mean way, Papa. A terrible man! (full quote)
Arsey 1.Yes, that's fine. That does it. 2.Does what? 1.Well, for one thing, it gives Givenchy a night off. (full quote)
Arsey 1.I can't drive a stolen car! 2.Same principle, four gears forward, one reverse. (full quote)
Arsey 1.This tall, good-looking ruffian with blue eyes, he didn't, er, molest you in any way, did he? Well, did he? 2.Not much. (full quote)
Arsey 1.There's the bathroom, take off your clothes. 2.Are we planning the same sort of crime? (full quote)
Arsey 1.I feel like I'm going to faint! 2.Don't, there's no room. (full quote)
Arsey 1. I keep telling you, when you sell a fake masterpiece, it's a crime! 2.But I don't sell them to poor people, only to millionaires. (full quote)
10929 --I don't very much if Van Gogh himself would have gone through so much trouble. --He didn't have to. He was Van Gogh! (full quote)
10929 --Don't be such a baby. It's only a flesh wound. --Happens to be my flesh. (full quote)
37417 1) For a burglar, you're not very brave are you? 2) I'm a society burglar, I don't expect people to rush about shooting me. (full quote)
37417 1) Your arm is much better. 2) --Oh no, it hurts, it hurts! *clutches arm* 1) It's the other arm. 2) The infection is spreading. (full quote)
  1-If you knew it was worthless, why did you do it? 2-because(kisses her) 1-Oh- thats why! (full quote)