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Russians Are Coming, the Russians Are Coming, The - 1966 Movie Quotes

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4921 Emergency! Everyone to get from street! (full quote)
8563 We are, of course, Norweigans. (full quote)
8563 Don't faint until you roll off of me first. You're squashing me! Just roll over lightly. (full quote)
7016 America! We are in America! (full quote)
7016 Any house by the sea is bound to be damp. (full quote)
7016 listen...listen to my back. (full quote)
7016 I think they're creeping up on this house! (full quote)
8563 I'm too damp to eat. (full quote)
8563 I just think it would be a whole lot pleasenter if a lot of people didn't get killed. (full quote)
8563 They're hiding out by the garage now. And there's this one great big one - like Uncle Harry! (full quote)
8563 How about that, Charlie Brown? (full quote)
10929 Tell the Captain he's under arrest. (full quote)
10929 what did he say? (full quote)
10929 We get organized! (full quote)
  Quantity has a quality all its own. (full quote)
JessHays Don't tell them anything! He hasn't even tortured you yet ... (full quote)
JessHays Uhmmmmmm ... I am sorry to ... uh ... comply with your statement, but misfortunately, all of the answers to these questions are... yes (draws his gun) (full quote)
JessHays W: I'm sorry, I-- I wasn't trying to ... well ... I-- I was trying to kill you, I'll admit that, but it wasn't-- I mean, it wasn't anything personal! R: Hmm... don't do it no more. (full quote)
JessHays Always I am saying goodbye to you, and always I am meeting you again. (full quote)
JessHays I thought all the nuts went home on Labor Day. (full quote)
JessHays Is great idea. I send my men fifty paces and BLOOEY! I congratulate you on extreme genius of this plan. Ptooey! (full quote)
8563 You big, incompetent flatfoot! (full quote)
8563 Nice American dog...please go away! Go away! (full quote)